Tragic Accident At Vacoas: Mother Of Victim Blames Rescue Team

Kamlesh Bhundoo, 21-year-old, met with a tragic fate this week when he died in his car after it was hit by a falling tree at Vacoas. His mother laments that he could have been saved.


Kamlesh Bhundoo was in his car in a parking lot at Vacoas when the inevitable happened: a tree fell on the vehicle causing him injuries that led to his death. Firemen attempted to remove him and his fiance who was also in the car from the vehicle, but it was already too late for Kamlesh. Now, his family blames the rescue team.

The mother of the victim argues that the rescue team took too much time to act. She added that people nearby suggested they could help but the rescue team refused.

On the other hand, Inspector Shiva Coothen, supports the rescue team, because, according to him, they acted as soon as possible. He deplores the tragedy but maintains that the means to remove them from the vehicle were deployed the moment they learned of the accident.

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