Unsupervised Kids Found In A House In Caroline: Their Mother Arrested

Police officers of Bel-Air discovered unsupervised children in a house in the village of Caroline after being notified by the latter’s family. The kids’ mother was later arrested for child neglect.


The house at Caroline where the children were found. Photo credits: l’Express.mu

The police was informed of the case on Sunday afternoon, September 13. They then went down to Balance Road, Caroline, to investigate. That was how they found three kids (one of the toddlers is a three-months-old baby) in a house without any adult to supervise them.

The children appeared to be subject to negligence. Their clothes were unclean. L’Express.mu reports that the kids seemed to be victims of malnutrition. The house itself was in a deplorable state punctuated by bad smells.

The eldest of the kids, an 8-year-old girl, is the one to have alerted her grandfather. She had managed to escape the house by passing through the window bars. She complained about not being able to watch her siblings cry anymore. She travelled on foot from Caroline to Bel-Air where reside her grandparents. Her uncle had then taken her to the police station where she explained that she was alone with her siblings in their house at Caroline.

The police officers themselves had to enter the house by passing through the window bars to fetch the kids. After being rescued by the police, the children were placed under observation at Flacq Hospital. The Child Development Unit took them in.

Where are the parents of the children? What happened to them? When their neighbours were interrogated, they said that they would often hear cries during the day. They claimed that the mother would leave her kids alone in the house while the 8-year-old would look after them. One of the neighbours alleges having provided them with food once.

The mother was spotted by the police on Monday. She was arrested, with a “child ill-treatment” charge held against her. She claimed that her kids were only alone because she had missed a bus when returning home.

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