Water Pollution in Petit-Verger, St-Pierre

Inhabitants of Petit-Verger, St-Pierre, made an astonishing discovery on Sunday, September 13. They found the water of Rivière du Pouce to be whitish in appearance which seems to be the result of pollution.


Water pollution at Petit-Verger. Photo credits: DefiMedia.info

Since Sunday, pictures of the river are being posted on social media. DefiMedia.info reports that the inhabitants believe a factory in the neighbourhood might be the cause of the water pollution. According to the descriptions of the inhabitants, the river seems to have a milky appearance.

The police of St-Pierre were informed of the situation. Officers of the Ministry of Health and the police went down to the river on Sunday itself. Samples were taken for analysis. The source of the pollution will soon be revealed as an investigation is ongoing.

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