350 Fishermen From Rodrigues Receive GPS

The organisation “Ter Mer” of Rodrigues has given out around 350 GPS to fishermen to ensure their safety.


The GPS were distributed to those operating beyond the lagoon. A ceremony was organised on Saturday, October 10, to initiate the project.

According to l’Express.mu, the aim of the project is to preserve the lagoon by encouraging fishing outside of its boundaries.

The Fisheries Commissioner, Richard Payandee, explains that the regional government does a lot for fishermen. More than Rs 20 million have been invested in this sector in 4 years. Consequently, the catch has gone from 100 tonnes to over 500 tonnes now.

Of the many facilities provided to the fishermen is the duty-free diesel made available to them. Furthermore, they were given modern equipment; their boats have been renovated; a Fisheries and Marine Council was set up.

Also, fishermen will soon have bigger boats for fishing outside the lagoon.

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