5 Missing Mauritian Pilgrims: Minister Soodhun Might Travel To KSA Tonight

The five Mauritian pilgrims are still missing. They were reported to have disappeared in the aftermath of the stampede that occurred in Saudi Arabia days ago, on September 24. Ever since, the authorities were searching for them and other pilgrims whose location has not yet been identified.

The family of the 5 missing pilgrims are getting more and more worried as the days are going by. Sam Lauthan, responsible of the Hadj Mission, believes no development is to be expected in the upcoming days.

The authorities of Saudi Arabia plan to carry out DNA tests to determine whether the Mauritians are among the deceased. They would initially use photographs of the victims for identification purposes but have now decided to switch to the more effective means. But, according to Sam Lauthan, the procedure might take several weeks or even months.

As for any detail pertaining to the missing pilgrims, minister Showkutally Soodhun will inform the public in a press conference today afternoon. The minister does not yet know whether he will be able to travel to Saudi Arabia or not; he is currently waiting for a confirmation. According to l’Express.mu, he might make the journey tonight if the ministry of Hadj communicates to him the authorisation.

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