5 More Speed Cameras To Be Set Up Soon

5 more Speed Cameras will soon be re-activated. 49 are already operating perfectly on the roads of Mauritius.


The 5 additional Speed Cameras have either been repositioned or recalibrated in the following regions:

  1. Morcellement Anna at Flic-en-Flac since a roundabout is being constructed.
  2. The one at Midlands will be placed at Mare-d’Albert.
  3. The radar at St-Jean will be replaced because it was damaged by vandals.
  4. 2 radars will be set up on the Terre-Rouge-Verdun motorway.

Also, the police has published a list of black spots this week: regions such as in the vicinity of Calebasses, Plaine-des-Papayes, Le Hochet and Grand-Gaube have witnessed a great number of fatal accidents.

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