Attempt to Murder: Shopkeeper Serves Mixture of Rum & White Spirit To Customer

An inhabitant of Amaury, P.G, has allegedly been served a mixture of rum and white spirit by a shopkeeper, S.B, that caused him to be admitted in the hospital.


P.G is in the hospital since September 30. The reason for his tremendous pain is allegedly because he swallowed rum mixed with white spirit, served to him by a shopkeeper. He argues that he has been suffering from heartburn ever since he consumed the mixture.

His daughter, as reported by l’, says that his digestive system has been damaged, and that he thus has to go through a long treatment.

Now, why would the individual in question serve him the mixture of alcohol? According to P.G, some days before the incident he found that a total of Rs 8,000 has been withdrawn from his bank account without his permission. He said that he would sometimes give his bank card to S.B to do his withdrawals. He, therefore, went to him to ask for an explanation. He had then succumbed to anger and insulted the wife of the shopkeeper.

Thereafter, days later, P.G had gone to the same shop to buy rum as usual. Upon consuming the mixture of liquid he was given, he immediately realised it was not rum. As he set out to return home, he had to vomit on the way.

He was then taken to the hospital by his wife.

The police of Rivière-du-Rempart was notified of the case, and S.B was arrested on Tuesday. When he was interrogated, he said that he did mix rum and white spirit because P.G was irritating him concerning the money. He appeared in the district court of Rivière-du-Rempart on Wednesday. A provisional charge of attempt to murder was charged against him.

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