Audio Concerning Jugnauth Family: Charges Against Mahen Utchanah Dropped

The charges against Mahen Utchanah who was previously suspected of being involved in the propagation of the audio recording allegedly containing defamatory statements against the Jugnauth family have been cancelled.

Mahen U.
Mahen Utchanah.

Provisional accusations of criminal defamation and of broadcasting an audio that is in breach of the Information and Communication Technologies Act against Mahen Utchanah have been dropped, as announced in the court of Mapou today, October 9.

Mahen Utchanah was arrested by the CCID on December 26 last year after the audio in question was uploaded on the Internet and broadcast during a meeting of the PTr-MMM at Rivière-du-Rempart. He was the Campaign Manager of the political parties.

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