BAI Affair: Brian Burns Fights Back To Have Access To His Barclays Bank Account

Brian Burns, the son-in-law of Dawood Rawat, and husband of Laina Rawat, has filed a motion in Supreme Court on Monday October 5, demanding for the ruling of judge Gaytree Jugessur-Manna to be revoked. Back in March, the court ruled that his bank account at Barclays Bank was to be frozen.

Brian BurnsBrian Burns

Brian Burns argues that the DPP acted in bad faith when he claimed that the Rs 1.9 million in his account came from suspicious sources. According to Burns, the money came from his remunerations as CEO.

The motion was presented on Monday morning in front of the chief judge Keshoe Parsad Matadeen. However, the representative of the DPP objected against his demand. The office of the DPP intends to submit a counter-affidavit, according to l’ The motion was then postponed for October 19.

Brian Burns has denounced the actions of the DPP as abuse of the court procedures. He alleges that he is being deprived of his right to cater for the needs of his family; he says not being able to pay for the salaries of his cleaning ladies, for his debts, and for the education of his children. In a statement reported by l’, he says that his salary is his only source of revenue that is deposited in that bank.

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