Bat Slaughter: The Washington Post Highlights Outrage Of Conservationists

Local ecologists opposing the government’s initiative of getting rid of bats are not the only ones discouraging the project. Last week, The Washington Post has joined in the battle by making an exposé of the arguments of conservationists and biologists.


In an article of The Washington Post entitled “The island that was once home to the Dodo wants to kill off thousands of protected bats”, the fears of Mauritian conservationists were spelled out yet again.

The work of a postdoctoral scientist, Ryszard Oleksy, was mentioned; the latter is from the University of Bristol and is currently studying the influence of bats on fruit trees in Mauritius. According to Oleksy, pregnant bats might be more vulnerable because they would be slower because of their burden. Moreover, this also means that the unborn bats might probably also die.

As per Oleksy’s statements, killing off bats will not be beneficial to fruit growers because the animals are not the primary cause of decreased fruit harvest.

Vincent Florens, associate professor of ecology at the University of Mauritius, was also quoted in the article. He proposes an alternative to the problem: preserving fruits with nets set up on trees.

The Mauritius Wildlife Foundation (MWF) has also come forward to denounce the project. Backed up with its figures generated from its past researches, the MWF has requested the government to review its decision.

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  • People’s comments on Mauritian websites regarding this story make depressing reading. The ignorance level is astonishing in a country that provides free education. If anyone has a right to be taken seriously on the subject it is MWF, which after all has studied bats rather more than government ministers and the ignoramuses who say ALL bats should be culled. And this in the former home of the dodo! Instead of celebrating the dodo as some kind of Mauritian icon, why don’t people try to save what is alive today?

    Do tourists come to look at motorways and ugly houses built without planning control or sensitivity? Do they want to spend their holidays looking at fish washing up dead and corals bleached white because of pollution? Will the they spend thousands of euros, dollars and pounds to sit on a narrow strip of scrubby sand that’s been eroded away? Will they support a country that willingly kills of its unique wildlife and cares nothing for its history and heritage?

    When Mauritius has built on every beach, when every tree has been cut down down, when every bat and bird has been exterminated, what will be left of ‘Paradise Island’?

    It has stop. Now.

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