British Politicians Denounce Import of Monkeys From Mauritius

British Politicians have denounced the use of monkeys for research purposes in Parliament. An Early Day Motion (EDM) to put an end to the practice was thus submitted. The role of Mauritius pertaining to the export of monkeys to laboratories in the UK was also put into perspective.

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Cruelty Free International recently published a report showing that the primates were subjected to extremely painful experiments in the laboratories of the UK.

The parliamentary motion was tabled by deputy Andrew Rosindell:

“That this House notes the report from Cruelty Free International which highlights the severe suffering inflicted on monkeys in experiments and the increasing numbers‚ 73 per cent‚ imported from outside the EU‚ in particular from Mauritius and Vietnam; further notes the additional suffering involved in the international trade and transportation‚ the availability of alternatives and the concerns that many experiments lead to no clear scientific‚ medical or social benefit; and urges the Government to put forward a strategy similarly to phase out the use of monkeys‚ extending the existing ban on the use of Great Apes.”

The British government revealed that 54 % of the 2,954 research experiments done in 2014 involved primates among which 1,343 were imported from Mauritius.

The stance of the British politicians was praised by the chief executive of Cruelty Free International, Michelle Thew.

“We welcome the support of Members of the UK Parliament in their call for the existing ban on Great Apes to be extended to monkeys. We also call on Members of the Mauritius Parliament to take action to end the export of its country’s primates. It is unacceptable that these highly intelligent and social animals continue to be exported and used in extremely cruel and distressing experiments,” said Thew.

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