Combating Child Trafficking: Minors Travelling To/From South Africa Have To Present Birth Certificate

Minors travelling to South Africa, or South-African minors going abroad, have to present their birth certificates at the airport. This measure, implemented since July 1, is meant to combat the scourge of child trafficking in the country.

south africa
Aerial view of South Africa.

The new rule dictates that parents travelling to South Africa in the company of their children who are minors must have the original birth certificates of the latter. If they fail to present the documents at the airport of South Africa, they will not be able to stay in the country.

Furthermore, single parents need to have a relevant document from the court. Divorcees or parents travelling without their partners additionally need to have an affidavit.

Now, what about people who travel to the country without being aware of the regulation? This is the case of Mauritian Feizal Elahee who was unpleasantly surprised when he reached the international airport of Cape Town with his two children of 7 and 11 years of age last August. According to, he was said that he would have to return to Mauritius. He blamed the travel agency whose services he sought – the latter had allegedly not informed him of the requirement of presenting birth certificates of minors. Fortunately, though, a family member had sent the documents via email and they did not have to make the return journey right away.

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