Death At Mont-Choisy Bungalow: “The Gate Was Well-Maintained”

A provisional charge of involuntary homicide has been held against Shaheed Lotun, the manager of the bungalow at Mont Choisy where young Fernandez Sanchez died last Saturday.

bungalow at Mt Choisy

The bungalow at Mont Choisy. Photo credits: L’

5-year-old Fernandez Sanchez succumbed to the serious wounds caused by the huge blow of the gate of the bungalow falling onto him and died on Saturday.

Shaheed Lotun was arrested yesterday, October 19, by officers of the police station of Trou-aux-Biches. He could not appear in the court of Mapou and was released on parole. On top of the involuntary manslaughter charge, he is also accused of operating without a permit.

Shaheed Lotun has not yet given his testimony. But, the parents of the victim claim that there were no “fittings” to hold the gate, which then fell onto the young boy. On the other hand, the sons of Lotun explained that the gate was well-maintained and was in good state.

The Tourism Authority had launched an investigation hours after the accident to determine whether the imposed conditions were respected by the owners of the bungalow. A preliminary report will be revealed today, October 20.

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