Distillation Apparatus Worth Rs 10 Million Stolen From Domaine Les Pailles

An obsolete distilling apparatus known as alembic worth around Rs 10 million has been stolen from Domaine Les Pailles back in August.

Domaine-les-Pailles-Domaine Les Pailles

The traditional apparatus – model Circa 1758 – is known for its use for the preparation of rum. It was found in the distillery situated at the entrance of Domaine Les Pailles.

An illustration of an alembic

It is surprising that the object was stolen because the grounds are under surveillance: watchmen are on the look-out and dogs from a private security firm are also present.

According to the State Investment Corporation (SIC), the robbery was carried out within two different days, between August 22 and 24, after the restaurants situated there were all closed and the 142 employees were paid a compensation of Rs 49 million. The activities of the distillery had already been terminated on July 31.

A complaint has been filed at the police station of Pailles.

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