Earthquake Felt In Rodrigues Island Today (22.10.15)

The earth has shaken three times in Rodrigues in only a matter of 7 hours today, October 22. The strongest tremor does not go beyond magnitude 6.0 and the last one was felt at 11:50.


The situation is under control, according to minister Raj Dayal’s statements made in a press conference today afternoon.

The minister of environment explained that they were following the situation closely, and that no problem had so far been detected in Rodrigues. However, he did add that the situation was alarming.

What are the implications of the tremors felt? Should the public worry? The Deputy Director of the meteorological station of Vacoas, Premchand Goolaup, reassured that there was no risk of tsunami. Raj Dayal also added that in case of high waves, a plan of action was already ready.

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