Electric Car Solar Charging Station At Belle-Vue Gas Station

An electric car solar charging station has been installed at the Total gas station at Belle-Vue. It will soon be operational.

electric car
Electric car at the Total gas station of Belle-Vue. Photo credits: l’Express.mu

The solar charging station will be put to use in the coming days. Thus, electric cars will be charged by using solar energy.

The solar bollard was launched together with the new Plug-in of BMW, namely the BMW i3 and the BMW i8 last Thursday at the Total gas station of Belle-Vue.

Leal & Co Ltd will commercial electric cars that are recharged via solar energy. The CEO of the firm, Eric Leal, explains that the project will propel the island to be among the countries promoting sustainable development.

Nando Bodha, Minister of Transport and Public Infrastructure, also made similar statements to l’Express.mu, saying that the setting up of the charging station would be a supplementary effort to make of Mauritius a sustainable island. He hopes that more such stations will be inaugurated in Mauritius.

Furthermore, Total boasts of having two gas stations equipped with photovoltaic panels at Belle-Vue and Cap Tamarin; they use solar energy for part of their energy consumption.

It is to be noted the BMW i8 acquired the title “car of the year” given out by the British magazine Top Gear back in 2014. The BMW i3 won the “world green car” award in 2014 as well on Los Angeles.

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