Hajj Stampede: Search For 5 Missing Mauritian Pilgrims Ongoing

The search for the 5 missing Mauritians in Saudi Arabia is still ongoing.


After the tragedy that occurred on September 24 at Mina, near the city of Makkah, where hundreds died in a stampede, many pilgrims were reported to be missing. The whereabouts of 5 Mauritians, namely 60-year-old Halima Nujurally, 63-year-old Swaley Janoo, his wife, Mehzabeen Janoo, and his two sisters Saida Janoo and Zainobee Kaudeer, remain unknown. They are said to be missing since 17:00 on September 30.

The searches in the hospitals of Makkah have not brought forth any answer. Acting PM Showkutally Soodhun has reassured the population that the search is ongoing, including in the 5 containers that contain the dead bodies of the victims of the stampede; the identification will be done via digital fingerprinting.

Also, the minister might travel to Saudi Arabia on October 2.

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