sexy halloween costumes

Halloween Costumes 2015 – This Halloween’s Sexiest and Hottest Costumes

Halloween 2015’s sexiest and hottest costumes list is here. Well, let’s face it: Halloween is a time to get dressed up and, for a bunch of people, that means taking the opportunity to look fabulously sexy all over town. Finding the perfect sexy outfit can be tricky (I don’t just want to go as sexy *insert vaguely supernatural being here* again), but with our list you’ll be looking sexy and scary all at the same time.

sexy halloween costumes

10. Mermaid Costume

sexy halloween costumes 2014

Basically, these were sea beings that wore nothing but a bikini top and a glamorous tail. What’s not to like? Once you’ve navigated your way around walking in the tail, you’ll be luring suitors into your trap in no time…

9. Viking Costume


If you prefer to take a more hands-on approach to your dating, try this Viking costume- while not entirely historically accurate, you do get to swing an axe while rocking a pair of very warm high heels.

8. Pirate Costume


No-one’s going to be fighting for dominion on your ship with this outfit- a layered skirt, chunky boots and slightly intimidating sword will put paid to that. And that tri-cornered hat is basically perfect for any occasion!

7. Fairy Costume


I’m sure there are many lewd jokes I could make about granting wishes here, but I won’t. You won’t be flying anywhere, but you’ll stick look cute in a minidress with subtle wings attached- and a tiny tote bag for all your candy!

6. Hula Girl Costume


If being scary on Halloween really isn’t your thing, try this sexy hula girl outfit (lay not included. That’s the flower necklace, you perverts). It might be cold, but that grass skirt works whatever the state.

5. Deadly Ninja Costume


Who says you can’t be sexy and deadly at the same time? While the heels might not be totally practical for Ninja-ing in, the hood, mask, and cool belt will set you apart from everyone who took the chance to just dress up like a princess.

4. Princess Leia Costume


Unless, of course, you took it as an opportunity to dress up as Princess Leia. Aside from that whole Friends episode, Leia is a cool, kick-ass princess with plenty of attitude- even when she’s wearing a gold bikini and strappy heels.

3. Lethal Beauty Costume


While I’m sure most Batman fans will recognise this outfit- the leaves, the big hair, the foliage eye-mask- it makes a cool costume either way. Just remember to do a whole lot of swishing around and making bad puns about trees.

2. Evil Red Riding Hood


An innocent, victimized girl no longer-Red Riding Hood has grown up considerably with this outfit. That corset and those boots make sure of that. Just keep an eye out for her wolfy companion, and try not to follow her into any woods- it can’t end well…

1. Harley Quinn Costume


For anyone who’s had any contact with the Batman series, Harley Quinn is an iconic part of that franchise- sexy, crazy, and completely unpredictable. Pay tribute to the nurse who couldn’t fix her own head with this cool, quirky costume.

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