Heavy Oil Leak At Mer Rouge Pumped Up

A heavy oil leak occurred yesterday, October 22, at Mer Rouge.

The leak, extending over 4 km. Photo credits: l’Express.mu

The fuel leak extended over 4 kilometres. It appears that around 200 litres of heavy oil, allegedly coming from the pipeline of Indian Oil from the oil jetty of the Mauritius Freeport Development, have thus been lost to the sea, according to the Assistant Port Master, Kavidev Newoor.

Kavidev Newoor says in a statement to l’Express.mu that the situation is otherwise under control and that no more leak happened.

The authorities had implemented the Oil Spill Contingency Plan to avoid the possibility of the heavy oil escaping to the coast or to the harbour.

As from yesterday morning, the procedures to suck the oil out of the sea began. Special materials were used to absorb the oil, according to Kavidev Newoor.

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