Huge Asteroid Passing Close To The Earth On October 31

An asteroid named 2015 TB145, discovered only around 10 days ago by the Pan-STARRS I survey in Hawaii, will be in close proximity to the Earth on October 31.


One of the aims of the Pan-STARRS I survey is to identify potential threats to the Earth, and hence the discovery of 2015 TB145 which is currently travelling at 126,000 km/h was made.

The asteroid will come to a point very near our planet at the end of this month. It has been long since something so huge (it is 280 to 620 metres in diameter) has drawn so close to the Earth. On October 31, it is expected to be at 499,000 km (1.3 lunar distances) away from us.

“This is the closest approach by a known object this large until 1999 AN10 approaches within 1 lunar distance in August 2027,” says a NASA report. “The last approach closer than this … was by 2004 XP14 in July 2006 at 1.1 lunar distances.”

The asteroid will not be visible to the naked eye. Fortunately, though, it might be seen with a good-quality amateur telescope. As per estimates, it will pass through the constellation of Orion at around 17:18 UT on October 31.

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