Increase In Price of Paint Leaves Hardware Store Owners Displeased

The price of certain lines of commercial paints has climbed from 5 to 15 %, as per the brand. This price increase is said to be the result of the costs of raw materials escalating and the soaring rise of the dollar.


Mauvilac products were previously reviewed to be increased back in October 2013. Now, the price of Mauvilac paints has increased by 4 % on average. The 5-litre bucket of “Mauvilac Couleur” has gone from Rs 530 to Rs 575; the “Mauvilac Blanc”, from Rs 470 to Rs 500.

Other brands are also following this trend: the 5-litre bucket of “Permoglaze Pastel” is now at Rs 570, instead of Rs 535.

Consumers are not the only ones displeased by the rise in prices; owners of hardware stores consider it to be bad news, according to, reporting that an operator in Plaines-Wilhems complains of the updated prices because the construction sector is already lagging behind. Another store owner from Port-Louis holds similar opinions as he argues that the sales have gone down by more than 85 % over 3 years while the expenses kept on increasing.

Furthermore, 2 on 3 stores might be closed in the long run, according to For instance, by December, one of the owners believes all operations will have to be terminated. Other similar businesses are said to have already closed down.

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