Jane Constance, Winner of The Voice Kids France, Returns To Mauritius

Jane Constance, winner of the competition The Voice Kids France, returned to the island today, October 26, at around 11:00. She was greeted by her family, several political personalities, and fans.

jane constance

Jane Constance among her supporters. Photo credits: l’Express.mu

A large crowd was awaiting Jane Constance at her arrival at the airport today.

When addressing the crowd, Jane Constance said that she was proud to be Mauritian. On her speech, she explained that she had worked hard to get to where she was. She thanked the public and her parents.

As per the statements of Dan Baboo reported by l’Express.mu, she will receive help for her studies from the government. Furthermore, artists with disabilities will also obtain assistance. Xavier-Luc Duval says that social integration is essential, and that talented individuals must be given opportunities.

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