Mauritian Authorities Prepare For Summer 2015-2016 & The El Nino Effect

Given the imminent transition to summer, the authorities are taking the necessary measures and precautions. A list of cyclone names for summer 2015-2016 has recently been finalised. A plan was presented yesterday by the director of the meteorological station to prepare for El-Nino.


The list of names of cyclones forecast for this summer has been finalised by meteorological stations of the south-west region of the Indian Ocean.

The first will be called Annabelle, name chosen by Meteo France, and the last one will be Zenani, chosen by Swaziland.

The rest of the names are as follows:

  • Annabelle
  • Bohale
  • Corentin
  • Daya
  • Emeraude
  • Fantala
  • Gao
  • Hassina
  • Inacio
  • Juma
  • Ketiwe
  • Lalelani
  • Moabi
  • Naima
  • Octave
  • Piera
  • Quizito
  • Richard
  • Sofia
  • Tatiana
  • Umboni
  • Vela
  • Wayne
  • Xaba
  • Yazid
  • Zenani

The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Centre is currently preparing to deal with the consequences of El Nino in the Indian Ocean. World authorities are already working on the measures to be taken. El Nino 2015 is expected to be the most powerful since 1997-1998, and therefore, extreme climatic conditions are expected.

As for Mauritius, certain measures have been designed: a disaster preparedness and contingency plan 2015/2016 was presented yesterday by the director of the meteorological station, Rajan Mungra.

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