Mauritius Is The 6th Most Beautiful Island In The World

Which islands are the most beautifuls island of them all? Mauritius definitely makes it in the top ten. The Reader’s Choice Awards of Condé Nast Traveller has awarded Mauritius the 6th rank for most beautiful islands in the world.


Thousands of readers of the American magazine Condé Nast Traveller have voted.

While Mauritius has earned the 6th position, the Maldives have the third one. Seychelles lag just behind, ranked 7th.

The readers were asked to vote based on criteria such as panorama, food, population, hotels, and the “value for money” aspect.


  • So, just like that, following an article on a travel website, we all conclude Yes Mauritius is the 6th most beautiful island in the world… Are we serious? more beautiful than Seychelles as well?! I was told Mauritians are quite ego centred, until I read some people, and even medias… And if I understand the logic of this article, next year this rank can change 🙂 Some islands become prettier and others less.. I am not saying Mauritius is not beautiful, just saying that when reading anything, one needs to bring objective conclusions and not getting people to be mistaken by whatever is heard and read in the media. This ranking is based on how many people? How many american tourists visited Mauritius in 2014 – 2105? Beside some US officials, we have no tourists from the US.

    • have you ever been? I lived there for 5 years and I can tell you that mauritians are very welcoming and they have always been about tourism, its a part of their lives, they depend on it. So yes mauritius does deserve its place a 6th most beautiful island in the world I think, what you heard about the population is wrong. Go there, check it out for yourself, I highly recommend it.

      • I have been there several times and my brother is married to a mauritian and they are the most welcoming people i have ever met. In all of my travels it is one of the most enjoyable, relaxing, fun and beautiful places i have been to

    • 2105!!! Do you expect to leave that long??? Of course Mauritius is very beautiful, it’s Paradise on Earth. It’s people are very friendly, always smiling. I know what I’m saying, because I was born there and have been back many many times…

    • Hi there,

      While I agree that everybody should be bringing in objective conclusions I must say that after visiting Mauritius couple of times, I have found do people one of the friendliest and kind citizens compared to most countries, they are really friendly towards tourists they’re really polite and everybody speaks English. Your argument is based on what you have heard and not what you experienced.

  • I wish the Americans I get to meet here in Kigali read the Conde Nast Traveller, coz every time I tell them that I’m from Mauritius, they ask “where’s thet???” (with an accent… you know…)

  • Can you please send me the link to this article? When I can trying to locate it on Google I am only getting last year’s list. I am also getting a totally different list to the one spoken if in this article. For example Mauritius is number 6th ranked in this article. ..but when I go to the article online it is telling me Mauritius isn’t even within the list.
    Please send me the link. Many thanks

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