Mauritius: Norms For Motorcycle Number Plates

Any speeding motorcyclist will now also be included under the Speed Camera initiative. For this to be possible, owners will have to make sure that the number plates of their motorcycles are as per the norms.

speed camera

The National Transport Authority has reminded the public of the relevant specificities to be taken into consideration. Furthermore, any violation of the Road Traffic Road Traffic (Construction and Use of vehicles) Regulations 2010 will necessitate sanctions. For instance, those infringing upon the law will have to pay a fine of Rs 10,000.


The regulations in question stipulate particular criteria elaborated for the licence plates of motorcycles, including features like text size and spaces to be left from the top to the bottom of the plate.

The plates must be retro-reflective and must comply with the British norms BS AU 145(d).

For the front of the vehicle, the characters must be black on white, while those on the rear must be black on yellow.



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