Resistanz ek Alternativ Advocates For Free Public Transport For All

Resistanz ek Alternativ suggests that free transport is allocated to all and sundry while the government looks forward to reviewing the current system.

free transport

The government proclaimed its intention to bring changes to public transport in Mauritius. The Ministry of Public Infrastructure will, thus, initiate for the system of free transport to be redesigned. A new formula will be drafted to promote efficiency and transparency.

Resistanz ek Alternativ has, on the other hand, put forth another concept: instead of reviewing the current system, extending it to all the population. They argue that their idea would constitute a great advantage for the country, according to one of its members, Aichah Soogree, as reported by l’

The group explains that public transport is already free to 75 % of those who have resort to it. The employers could have a fund for the money they give to the employees in terms of the transport allocations. The State would then finance the rest via the surplus obtained by the Central Electricity Board, or via taxes paid for fuel. Such suggests Resistanz ek Alternativ; they believe that free public transport for all would reduce traffic jam as more people would be encouraged to take to buses, and at the same time, pollution would also be curbed.

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