Rumour of MH370 Wreckage Spotted in the Philippines

More of the wreckage of the missing Malaysian MH370 flight are said to have been found in the Philippines.

debris MH370

MH370 Debris on Reunion Island.

Plane wreckage bearing the Malaysian flag has supposedly been spotted on the island of Sugbai, Philippines. It is speculated that it might belong to the missing MH370 flight.

A woman named Siti Kayam claims to have stumbled across the wreckage in a thick jungle when she was hunting for birds. Her nephew, Jamil Omar, then informed the police of the discovery. Apparently, she also saw skeletons.

“Mr Jamil claimed his aunt had entered the aircraft wreckage, which had many human skeletons and bones. She also found a Malaysian flag measuring 70 inches long and 35 inches wide,” said Police commissioner Jalaludin Abdul Rahman.

It is also said that a skeleton was found on the seat of the pilot.

No confirmation or official denial has yet been made. But, it is highly likely that the wreckage belonged to the MH370 since the flaperon that washed up on Reunion Island earlier this year has been confirmed to originate from the aircraft in question.

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