Smart Cities Projects To Start By January 2016

Mauritius will soon be flourishing with Smart Cities, according to the Minister of Finance, Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo. Four projects to pave the way towards the goal will start off by January 2016.

Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo

Minister Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo talked at length about the Smart Cities projects during the first conference of the Mauritius Smart Cities held today, October 14, at the Intercontinental Hotel at Balaclava.

As per the statements of the minister, the development of the Smart Cities constitutes an important endeavour of the government. The aim is to create a prosperous nation.

Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo believes that the new town of Highlands will become the administrative centre of the country in 10 years’ time while Port-Louis will be turned into a port city. On the other hand, this would only be possible if we witness a growth rate of 5-7 %.

The minister explains that the small size of our nation might be a weakness, but that our territorial waters extend over 2.4 million square kilometres. He believes we should use our marine resources intelligently by developing a maritime hub like Dubai and Singapore.

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  • A bold and exciting idea, and let’s hope it bears fruit. If the admin centre is to be shifted to Highlands then the LRT (metro leger) will need to be built, and preferably extended all the way down to the airport and Mahebourg. It is crucial that a modern, efficient public transport system (which does NOT mean filthy polluting buses or equally inefficient busways) is developed to move large numbers of people to and from these ‘smart cities’. The alternative is death by congestion and pollution.

    If they are to be truly ‘smart’ these cities will need to be environmentally sustainable, to ensure pleasant and attractive living and working conditions, so let’s see plenty of trees, green space, energy-efficient buildings, rainwater and greywater reuse systems, and, as mentioned above, clean, quiet, safe public transport that minimises the second-biggest* curse afflicting Mauritius – soaring car use. (* Drugs, and the crime they bring, being the first.)

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