Somalian Men Accused Of Piracy To Be Repatriated

The 12 Somalian men who were kept in detention in Beau-Bassin accused of being pirates will be repatriated soon.


The 12 men were arrested back in 2013 when they were accused to be pirates having allegedly attacked the MSC Jasmine, a French ship. Thereafter, they were acquitted in the intermediary court as per the rulings of judges Rangan and Neerooa. However, the DPP had contested the judgement.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime will collaborate with authorities for the repatriation of the 12 Somalian men. The Passport & Immigration Office will also assist in the procedures. If, however, the men are found guilty, they will have to stay in prison for at least 6 months before being sent back to their country.

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