Summer 2015-2016 Promises To Be Very Hot & Accompanied With 7 to 9 Cyclones

Can we all not feel that summer is coming?! Weather forecasts warn of a very hot summer for the year 2015-2016 accompanied by torrential rain and many cyclones.

torrential rain

The temperature estimates are at 36 degrees Celsius for the capital, Port-Louis, and 33 degrees Celsius for Rodrigues. The figures have been revealed today, October 19, during the presentation of the National Disaster Scheme 2015.

The director of the meteorological station of Vacoas, Rajen Mungra, made an exposé of the report summer 2015-2016. Accordingly, torrential rain (expected to be around 1,450 mm in Mauritius and 700 mm in Rodrigues)) and from 7 to 9 cyclones might greet the island this season, though the island might not be directly affected by all the storms approaching the Mascarenes.

The risk of having floods and violent lightning was also mentioned.

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