X-Ray Scanner At The Port To Detect Illegal Substances in Containers

The Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) has made the acquisition of a giant X-ray scanner to detect any prohibited substance such as illegal drugs in containers. The authorities look forward to implementing many more similar measures in the near future.

Customs officers

Customs officers will soon have an easier job: they will no more be required to open containers to verify the contents therein. The giant scanner, product of the firm Nuctech, that will be delivered in a few days’ time will allow them to detect any suspicious material or substance in cargos without themselves having to inspect the latter physically.

The apparatus, coming from China, has cost Rs 100 million. The authorities aim at using it to combat fraud and drug-trafficking by having a better control of containers that enter our territory. Along the same line, a mobile scanner and a new weighbridge will be set up at the port to allow the Customs Management System (CMS) to determine whether the weight of containers is in conformity with the statements of the importer.

Furthermore, devices called load cells will be installed on Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes of the Cargo Handling Corporation Ltd to automatically weigh containers.

Also, a laboratory will be inaugurated at the port to perform required tests on the spot.

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