12-Year-Old Boy Injured By Gunshot In Litchi Orchard At Arsenal (Mauritius)

When a 12-year-old boy who was brought to the hospital because of an injured foot, it was to the great surprise of the doctors that traces of lead were found in his body. Apparently, the injury was caused by a bullet.


The boy was admitted in the hospital since Thursday, November 12. He went through surgery yesterday, November 15. That was when the doctors discovered lead traces in his body.

His father and the latter’s friend had claimed that he had an accident that led to the injury, according to l’Express.mu.

Now, the Criminal Investigation Division of Terre-Rouge is conducting an investigation to find out the truth. Two men were arrested and were to appear in the court of Mapou today.

As per the findings of the police reported by l’Express.mu, the father and son went to a litchi orchard at Arsenal on Thursday to guard over it. When they noticed the presence of bats, the father called his friend to get rid of them. The latter has a gun and a permit.

When the friend of the father arrived, he allegedly stumbled and the gun got unintentionally discharged, thereby hurting the boy.

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  • This was entirely predictable. The idiocy of letting loose hordes of trigger-happy fools to shoot at bats was bound to end in disaster. It’s very fortunate there was not a worse outcome in this instance.

    Imagine the outcry around the world and the damage to the Mauritian tourism industry if a tourist is hit. Should a Chinese tourist be shot it will kill the new market there stone dead. If an American tourist gets injured the government can expect to be sued for millions of dollars.

    It isn’t worth the risk just to save the lychees of a few farmers who are too lazy or incompetent to net their trees properly.

    The government should immediately halt this cruel, unnecessary, unscientific and dangerous bat cull.

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