500 Graduates & 500 Non-Graduates Recruited Under Youth Employment Programme (YEP)

500 graduates and 500 non-graduates will be recruited for different jobs as per the Youth Employment Programme (YEP). Those featuring on the list of candidates are currently being notified.


The recruitment will be finalised by the first week of December.

Each ministry will be receiving 50 candidates who will be filling in posts as per their academic qualifications.

DefiMedia.info reports that this project demonstrates the commitment of the government to deal with the scourge of unemployment by including all the ministries.

Unemployed young people of the age group 16 to 30 years old are encouraged to enroll under the YEP; the programme is to last for two years. One must have remained unemployed for at least 30 days to be eligible. Graduates can expect salaries as from Rs 15,000 while non-graduates are to receive around Rs 8,000.

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  • Please inform me of any vacancy concerning marketing. I am of young graduate from curtain university. I hold a degree in Bachelor of Commence in Marketing and Management.
    Thank you

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