Air Mauritius Makes € 5.7 Million Profits in 3 Months

The national airline company has attained profits of € 5, 7 million from July 2015 to September 2015.

Air Mauritius

The second trimester has been extremely productive for Air Mauritius; it has not attained such results since some years now.

On the other hand, the € 5, 7 profits also bore the effects of hedging that was done last year at € 8, 3 million. If not for the hedging, it would have made profits of € 14 million this year.

Also, the net results of the trimester could not contain the advantages of lower fuel price because of the consequences of the hedging and the weak euro/dollar rate of exchange.

The airline company, however, pointed out that its results have been achieved in a heavily competitive context, and that despite the pressure, it has resisted and put in sustained efforts.

Furthermore, the turnover has also increased (by 5.1 % for the second trimester) to reach 131.1 million euros. During this period of time, it has known 382,600 passengers, marking an 11.7 % increase.

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