Airport of Mauritius: Increased Security Following Paris Attacks

The security level of the airport of Mauritius has been raised in the aftermath of the Paris attacks last week. Apparently, following such situations, Mauritius is expected to feel the repercussions thereof given that it is currently the peak tourist season.


The security measures at the SSR International Airport of Mauritius have been decided upon by the anti-terrorist cell of the country. reports that the parties concerned are working together to cater for the heightened security level: the Airports of Mauritius Ltd, the police, airline companies, as well as the immigration, customs, and intelligence services, are cooperating on a larger scale.

An increasing number of tourists visit Mauritius at this time of the year, specially from France; the number of visitors from France had reached 28,563 last November, constituting 32 % of arrivals.

Furthermore, the average daily number of flights (landing and leaving the airport) in November 2015 is 45 involving around 10,000 passengers. These figures are expected to increase next month, particularly because of additional scheduled flights.

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