Arresting Repeat Offender At Riambel: One Policeman Injured & Another Fired A Gun

An important police operation was conducted at Riambel yesterday, November 18, to capture a repeat offender named Sébastien Samuel.


Sébastien Samuel is allegedly behind a number of robberies in the south of Mauritius. The police has been looking for him ever since.

He was finally found yesterday afternoon in a house at Riambel. However, he did not want to be found, and was ready to do whatever it would take to remain a free man. Armed with a sabre, he assaulted a police officer, hurting him at the hand, before fleeing. One of the policemen even had to fire a gun. However, Samuel remained unimpressed and made his way out.

He was only successfully captured at around 18h30 by officers of the Southern Division when he was still attempting to get away.

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