Barclays House Sold To Delta Africa For Rs 470 Million

Barclays House has been sold to the firm Delta Africa for Rs 470 million. The transaction will take effect on December 1.

Barclays House

Barclays House, situated at Ebene, had as long-term occupants the Barclays Bank Plc and Clear Ocean Hotel & Resort. Once belonging to Jade Towers Properties, it has now fallen into the hands of Delta Africa. The transfer will be made applicable as from next month.

Delta Africa, an investment company, issued a communiqué to inform of its first transaction in the country. Its main shareholder is the Delta Property Fund, featuring on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Its CEO, Bronwyn Corbett, said in a statement to that the support of the investment community in Mauritius has been encouraging, and that they were delighted of their activities in Mauritius.

Furthermore, the transaction shows that Mauritian real estate is still attracting investors, in spite of some setbacks.

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