Accident Involving 2 NTC Buses At Soreze Today Afternoon (18.11.15)

A road accident involving two NTC buses has occurred today afternoon, at Soreze. The two buses were heading toward Bagatelle.

accident soreze mauritius


Consequently, some individuals have been injured. The two buses are said to have collided into each other; one of them has been damaged to a greater extent. According to a passenger who was on one of the buses, the accident occurred when one of the NTC buses tried to avoid colliding with another private vehicle who was overtaking. The bus then crashed into the 2nd NTC bus who was exiting from a bus stop.

Several passengers were transported to the nearest hospital by the SAMU.


Photo by: Neeta Arunachalam & W. Moossa (Facebook)

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  • Absolutely not surpriced at all, i still dosent see any changes, in the trafic on MU.
    People drives like maniacs, many seems that they’r formula one drivers, and that counts for busdrivers aswel.Sometimes i wonder if they actually have a drivers license.

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