Culling of Bats in Mauritius: US Ambassador Shari Villarosa Speaks Out

The US Ambassador to Mauritius, Shari Villarosa, has spoken out concerning the culling of bats in the island. She even ‘welcomes’ the creatures in her garden.

Shari V.

In a statement reported by l’, Ambassador Shari Villarosa explains that she was previously told the bat species was a protected population. She is now perplexed as to the culling of an endangered species.

Joining the battle against the project of killing of the bats, she has posted a picture of herself in a garden on Facebook with the caption “Bats are welcome here! Join Ambassador Shari Villarosa for ‪#‎Batsareourfriends!”

The government project to get rid of bats that are allegedly affecting fruit harvest in Mauritius has received much attention from both local authorities and scientists from other countries. Many deem it cruel to have the bats killed by armed SMF officers. An article was also written in The Washington Postexplaining why it is a bad idea. More recently, two scientists pointed out in an article published in National Geographic that it could eventually worsen flooding in the island.

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