CVLE Examinations: Names of New Lawyers & Attorneys Revealed

The results of the CVLE examinations have been made public yesterday, November 26.


Only 8 of the 33 candidates taking part in the Council For Vocational Legal Education (CVLE) examinations to be nominated lawyers have been promoted, namely, Farah Hossen, Poonam Cheekhooree, Deepti Nawjee, Faatimah Somauroo, Sanjana Dwarka Gujadhur, Karishma Beegoo, Marie Jessica Stephanie Armance and Hemlata Hunna.

Only 4 of the 56 candidates wanting to register as attorneys have been received, namely Dooshyant Jhurry, Veda Dawoonauth, Sannidi Pillay Paupoo and Yovich Rajneesh Chineah.

However, none of the 16 candidates participating to be nominated solicitors (notaries) has passed the examinations.

The candidates are to fetch their results at the CVLE at the Supreme Court today.

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