Decreasing Trade Deficit: New Figures of Statistics Mauritius

Statistics Mauritius will publish its analysis of foreign trade for the third trimester on Friday, November 27. The provisional figures show that the deficit has fallen by Rs 2.5 billion during this period of time.


As per the provisional data of Statistics Mauritius pertaining to the period from July to September 2015, the difference between import expenses and export revenues was Rs 16.8 billion. Back in 2014 for the same trimester, the deficit was at Rs 19,3 billion. Monthly figures that were made public last Friday appear to confirm this trend.

Furthermore, the trade deficit dropped by 15 % in September as compared to September 2014. This regression is allegedly due to a decrease in petroleum products, as well as in the demand of equipment and transport. As from November 14, the price of one litre of petrol went to Rs 41.35 while that of diesel was at Rs 32.75.

On the other hand, Mauritius has become a net importer of petroleum products, and food items, to deal with the demands of the tourist industry. This accounts for an otherwise increasing trade deficit year after year. If the provisional data of Statistics Mauritius is confirmed, we will have had a favourable trimester in spite of the fact that the Mauritian rupee has lost 14 % of its value as opposed to the dollar.

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