Energy Needs of Mauritius: No Alternatives

Mauritius might soon have to deal with critical circumstances when it comes to energy production. It is forecast that we might have black-outs in 2018 if nothing is done to remediate the situation by 2016, according to l’


After the project of charcoal power station at Pointe-aux-Caves was put to a halt and the replacement of the 4 engines of the thermal station at St-Louis was suspended, the authorities had placed their bet on the liquefied natural gas plant at Grandes Salines. However, their plan B was also contested.

The director of the CEB, Gerard Hebrard, admitted in statements reported by l’ that the authorities have no alternative if the Grandes Salines project has to be stopped completely.

Also, the CEB has not yet requested for an Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) from the Ministry of Environment. The director of the CEB has thus written a letter addressed to the Ministry of Energy to ask for the restrictions imposed in the EIA permit to be revoked, arguing that the CEB must meet the deadline for the realisation of the project.

Hebrard also added that the swamps found on the site make only one hectare, and that the rest of the space would be enough for the power station; the latter of capacity of 135 to 150 MW would cost around Rs 7 billion.

Minister Ivan Collendavelloo believes the construction of the plant of Grandes Salines has to start soon so that the energy demand is met by 2018.

The energy needs of Mauritius are apparently becoming a real issue. Even the World Bank has released a report evaluating the energy situation of the country. It also includes short- and long-term solutions.

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