Fatal Accident At Montbello: Black Vehicle Located & Frenchman Arrested

Nicolas Étienne Robert Falbou from France, suspected of being involved in the hit-and-run case at Montbello that led to the death of Sergeant Roopsing Gunowa, was arrested today, November 25.

The black vehicle suspected to be involved in the hit-and-run. Photo credits: L’Express.mu

The suspect was interrogated since today morning. A provisional charge of involuntary homicide has been levelled against him. He later appeared in the court of Port-Louis, and was led to his cell.

Another man who was arrested earlier (61-year-old Omduth Chummun) also appeared in court today, and was ultimately released. The victim had hit the latter’s vehicle before he fell over.

As per the testimony of Omduth Chummun, the motorcycle cop was right in front of a black vehicle which had hit him, causing him to lose control of his motorcycle.

The said black vehicle was ultimately, allegedly, located by the policemen.

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