Finding Ackmez Aumeer: His Family Still Has Hope After 12 Years

The family of Ackmez Aumeer still has hope to have him back one day, specially after receiving a phone call on Saturday, November 10, from someone claiming he is their son.

Reported Missing

The person who called the Aumeer family alleged being Ackmez Aumeer who had disappeared 12 years ago. He explained that he was now in a flat in Poste-de-Flacq. The police had thus mounted an operation on Saturday night but to no avail. Officers of the ‘Groupement d’intervention de la police mauricienne’ (GIPM) also participated in the operation. They all checked a number of flats but found nothing. The police is trying to determine the identity of the person owning the phone number.

Anwar Aumeer, the father, is determined to have his son back. He said in a statement recorded by about being ready to offer Rs 1 million to reward the person to find Ackmez.

He has also requested to meet up with the Prime Minister, Sir Anerood Jugnauth, adding that the latter was the PM at the time when Ackmez went missing.

Back in Jannuary 2003, when Ackmez was only 9 years of age, he had disappeared when he was playing with other children in his locality at Camp-Chapelon at Pailles. He has remained missing since then.

The person claiming to be Ackmez now says he is in the company of “mafias” and that he is in danger. Anwar reported the case to the police; when he was at the police station of Curepipe, he received another phone call. Anwar had then given the phone to a Woman Police Constable (WPC) who also talked to ‘Azkmez’.

Anwar has also deplored the actions of the police. He says to that after the death of inspector Prem Radhoa he does not know what has become of the case.

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