Hit-And-Run At Montbello: Motorcycle Cop Wounded

A motorcycle cop has been the victim of an accident at Montebello, today, November 24.

Accident at Soreze

The policeman was seriously wounded, and had to be transported to the hospital.

The accounts of witnesses, as reported by l’, indicate that it was a case of hit-and-run; they affirm that the driver of the vehicle did not stop after hitting the police officer.

The witnesses also say the vehicle was black in colour.


Sergeant Gunowah has not survived the blow – he died when he was being transported to the hospital.

A driver of a Toyota went to the police station of Pailles following the accident to explain that a black pickup had hit the police officer who was then projected against his vehicle. He will now be subject to a breath alcohol test. He will be kept in detention today.

The police has called out for witnesses in order to identify the driver of the black pickup.

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