Illegal Gambling in Mauritius: New Counter-Measures & Law Amendment

The authorities are bringing forth new measures to combat illegal gambling in Mauritius.


The police department in charge of combatting illegal gambling and the investigation body of the Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA) might soon be reinforced, as per a letter from the office of the PM submitted at the National Assembly.

PM Sir Anerood Jugnauth is reported by to have said that the government intends to eradicate illegal gambling, and, therefore, a series of measures will be implemented.

Officers of these institutions will be trained by two British commissioners, Ben Gunn and Paul Scotney, who have recently been recruited for the purpose.

Furthermore, the laws governing gambling in the country will be modified to accommodate for more severe sanctions; the Gambling Regulatory Authority Act will thus soon be amended.

The GRA, the gambling police, and the Mauritius Revenue Authority will be asked to collaborate further.

Another measure will entail sensitising the population against the detrimental effects of gambling, legal or not.

Bookmakers are under the scrutiny of the police, specially those having been found guilty of offences in the past.

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