Low-Volume Electricity Consumers In Mauritius Will Pay Lower Bills

Low-volume electricity consumers will have a 30 % decrease in their monthly bills as from mid-December.

lower bill

According to l’Express.mu, the measure (known as “Scheme 110 a”) aims at lightening the burden of those at the lower end of the wage scale.Furthermore, it is a way to encourage Mauritius to consume less electricity.

This includes 70,000 subscribers paying the “tariff 110” or the “tariff 120”; they are those who have reported to the Central Electricity Board (CEB) that their devices and light bulbs use up less than 300 Watts in total. They must also consume between 1 to 75 units of electricity per month.

Furthermore, consumers using up less than 6 m³ of water will not have to pay the bill as from December. This is yet another measure to encourage the population to save water.

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