Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney Slaps WWE Wrestler Wade Barrett

Wayne Rooney is in the news for a reason other than football: during a wrestling match at the Manchester Arena last Monday, he swiftly slapped WWE wrestler Wade Barrett after the latter got down from the ring.

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British wrestler Wade Barrett addressed Wayne Rooney at WWE Raw loud and clear. He offered Rooney to fight him in the ring. The latter was in the front row and accompanied by his son.

As Barrett began provoking him, Rooney remained silent, and did not retaliate. But, not for long.

As the fight in the ring ensued between wrestler Sheamus and Antonio Cesaro, Rooney taunted the former, which then caused Barrett to intervene. He approached Rooney and prodded him in the chest. Seconds later, Rooney had slapped him which caused him to fall to the ground.

Now, Barrett says Rooney’s “days are numbered”.

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