Debris Potentially Belonging to MH370 Found In Mauritius At La Cambuse Beach By Mauritian woman

Several objects that might have come from the missing MH370 aircraft have been discovered by a Mauritian woman on the beach of La Cambuse at the beginning of this month.

la cambuse
La Cambuse beach

The 34-year-old woman, an inhabitant of L’Escalier, came across different types of objects that seemed to have washed up from the ocean last week, November 1, at La Cambuse.

According to, she picked up 33 pieces of them in all. Among these were plastic water bottles, some of which bore inscriptions “Made in Malaysia” or “Made in Singapore“.

She also got bags of snacks and a plastic ‘sword’ (a samurai) on which “Made in Malaysia” was written. Other objects had “Aluminium Emergency Pack” inscriptions as well as “Approved by China Classification Society” written.

The woman reported her discovery at the police station of her locality. She handed over the objects she discovered which were taken away by officers of the science laboratory.

One object might be of particular interest to Malaysian authorities: a piece of metal of 2 by 3 feet.


The piece of metal should be sent to experts to confirm whether it was once a piece of the Boeing 777.

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