Mauritius Post Ltd: Developing An E-Commerce Platform

The Mauritius Post Ltd (MPL) will soon be developed further to accommodate for more modern services.


Minister Roshi Bhadain wishes to develop new sectors pertaining to MPL. The project he has in mind entails incorporating electronic commerce like firms such as Amazon and Alibaba have.

He has proposed that a storage area is set up at the post for the MPL.

In a statement recorded by l’, the minister mentions taking the example of SingPost of Singapore that has a storage and distribution system for items purchased online, the platform extending to Asia. Minister Bhadain wishes for the Mauritian one to reach out to East Africa and the neighbouring region.

The proposed developments will be useful, if not necessary, for the MPL since it is currently facing a precarious financial situation. Therefore, modifying its functioning might be beneficial. One measure to remediate its state of affairs has been to increase the price of stamps that was implemented back in August. The authorities intend to raise their game.

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